At InBounce, we define location as both physical and virtual. While we have a state of the art facility in Silicon Valley, we are also equipped with the capability to connect virtually with any company globally.

We understand the need for flexibility when a company is just starting up, and it may not be easy to recruit top executives. So we have an executive management team that includes finance, legal and HR experts, who are ready to assist when needed.

We want our entrepreneurs to focus on growing their core business with the assurance that InBounce will provide an ecosystem, which they can tap into at any time.

 Virtual Connectivity
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Investor Network
Value Proposition/Pitch
A startup without financing is clearly not a viable company in the making. Fundraising is one of the most difficult step in establishing a company. We know intimately the arduous process for each round of financing. We have raised hundreds of millions of dollars from a diverse set of venture, banking and corporate partners. So our credibility counts a great deal.

Most importantly, we understand that financing is a balancing act of what you need and what you have to give. So we assess both and strive to get the best deal for our portfolio companies.

At InBounce, we know having an idea is not enough. An idea must also be viable. This means that we must assess the technological requirements behind the idea. When necessary, we will reach out to our university and corporate partners to find synergistic complements for our portfolio company’s technological needs.

Additionally, we must apply our expertise towards the development of a comprehensive business plan that examines market trends, defines product requirements, identifies competition, analyzes opportunities, establishes go to market strategy, and has a sound financial plan.

We are very good at playing the devil’s advocate and we will always use our knowhow to create truly viable ideas with our portfolio companies.

Viable Ideas
Business Plan
Customer Access/ Revenue
 Supply Chain
Go to Market
Undoubtedly, getting funding is a big hurdle all startups must go through. But the hurdle to successful exit is really about execution.

At InBounce, we are seasoned executives who have proven track records in execution. We know what a well executed Go to Market strategy must cover. We have access to some of the world’s leading corporations who could be the ideal customers for your product. We have established relationships with manufacturers and suppliers to help you get to volume ramp. We know all about revenue cost models and the path to positive cash flow.

It is the successful execution that makes or breaks a company. Having InBounce as your partner is a sur e path towards growth and viability