Strategy & Execution

Starting a company may take only 2 smart entrepreneurs and a brilliant idea, growing a company is certainly a great deal more challenging.


At InBounce, our IP is our expertise and experience in growing companies. We understand the challenges of transforming ideas into products, products into markets and markets into revenues. We know the importance of not just what’s within the company, but the entire ecosystem required to sustain successful companies. We believe in direct engagements and hands-on involvements throughout every cycle of a company’s journey. We have gathered some of industry’s top executives who have been through the trenches and know how to circumvent the obstacles along the way. With locations in Silicon Valley, Atlanta and Toronto, InBounce can seamlessly tap into global resources and markets for our portfolio companies.


At InBounce, we do not believe in rigid processes with fixed timeline for a company to perform. Incubating a company could require the incubation of new markets. Our approach is to develop long term strategies jointly with our portfolio companies. We do not exit after funding rounds, instead, we become an extension of the management team. We have resources in technology, IP, business development, marketing and PR, finance as well as legal counsel to help with a company’s operations where and when necessary. With this approach, we are far more invested in our companies’ successes.


At InBounce, we are looking for companies with unique propositions in technology fields such as sensor virtualization, and entertainment. We have established programs with leading universities for IP licensing. Our in house legal counsel can advise and process patent applications. Most importantly, we have extensive relationships with technology based corporations worldwide, who are always looking to acquisition as means to complement their in-house development.


Whether you are just starting a company, running a newly funded company or looking to expand your company, InBounce might just be the right catalyst to catapult your company to the next level.